Waking the Dead re-issue

It unfailingly takes far longer than I expect, but book 3 of the Mindhunters books is up and available for sale! New cover, new back cover copy. I did enjoy reacquainting myself with Cait and Zach…old characters are old friends.


No one knows bones like forensic anthropologist Caitlin Fleming. So she’s the first one called when seven sets of skeletal remains are discovered in a cave in the Oregon wilderness. The skeletons have two similarities: each bear the same unique marks and all are missing the skull.
Cait needs outdoor guide Zach Sharper to lead her through the Willamette Forest as she searches for clues. She didn’t expect the instant attraction that ignites between them, but she won’t let it distract her from her task. Until the killer decides Cait is getting too close, and vows to make her the next victim….

Next up is book 4, Deadly Intent. And this one will be faster. Promise 🙂


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