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In the all-about-me department, I’m a native Midwesterner, having lived my whole life in Iowa. My husband and I are still trying to adjust to becoming empty nesters. Much of the time we rattle around our big century-old Victorian with a spoiled Polish Lowland Sheepdog named Lexie. We’re on the go a lot, traveling to see our kids and grandsons, tailgating at Iowa games, and enjoying new tropical getaways. If you know anything about Iowa winters, you’ll understand our desire for sun and beach once January hits.

In 1990 I began writing out of sheer desperation. Always an avid reader, I’d found that my favorite authors just couldn’t write fast enough to keep me in reading material. Someday if you twist my arm and buy me very strong margaritas, I might be convinced to share my whole embarrassing road to publication story. The short version is that my second manuscript sold in 1992, and then a few months later my first manuscript was bought, too, after it had undergone several major surgeries. To date I’ve written twenty-five books for Silhouette Intimate Moments (Romantic Suspense), six dark romantic thrillers for Berkley, a short story for and participated in an Iowa authors murder mystery.

I live a dual life. Believe me, that sounds much more glamorous than it is. By day I’m an elementary special education teacher, working with students who have learning and behavior problems. During the weekends and summers…well, I can be forgiven for needing a little relaxation, right? And if my idea of relaxation includes dreaming up new ways to kill and maim my characters, it seems a harmless enough hobby. Some people golf. Now there’s a dangerous pastime. All those swinging clubs and small speeding objects. Someone could lose an eye.

When I’m not at the computer (always writing, never playing solitaire), I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, exercising, reading, flower gardening, and traveling.

I’m sure there’s more you’re dying to know about me. Check out the FAQ page and maybe some of your questions will be answered. I can’t make any promises, but that’s probably just as well. According to my husband, I feel no particular compunction to stick to my promises anyway!

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Kylie Brant