Christmas Decor

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20171211_002609I love almost everything about Christmas, especially the decorating. There’s something quite lovely about my house outfitted in the festive decor of the season. Unwrapping my holiday decorations each year is like saying hello to old friends. (Except for the stuff I don’t want anymore…then it’s a final goodbye!) I especially love draping my home in lights…the more the better. So far we’re up to four of the rooms plus the porch lit up, but it’s early in the season!


20171211_002447The shopping is a sprint as our family gets bigger, but I can do most of it online, so that makes life easier. There’s even a silver lining to wrapping, my not-so-favorite chore. I get to listen to Christmas music all day, with no complaints from hubby, since he usually makes himself scarce during that time.

Once the bulk of the shopping and wrapping is done, I can concentrate on the cards and food. Planning the special menu we’ll have for the holiday even makes cooking pleasant. (Don’t check my pulse yet…I’ll resume my antipathy toward cooking in January!)

My absolute favorite part, of course, will come Christmas afternoon when all the family joins us for food and presents, with plenty of laughter and conversation. There’ll be toddlers squealing, dogs barking, kids playing, adults talking over each other and general chaos. And I’ll revel in the pandemonium, because time is fleeting and much too soon the house will be quiet again with only an occasional echo of Christmas 2017.


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