Down the Darkest Road

December 10, 2019

Dylan Castle was only a child when he and his friend stumbled onto an isolated crime scene in a dark woods. His friend was killed that night. And Bruce Forrester, the man who terrorized them there, disappeared. But he’s never stopped looking for the only living witness.

Deputy US Marshal Cady Maddix knows what it’s like to be haunted by a traumatizing childhood. She’s determined to track Forrester down and give Dylan the peace of mind he deserves. Only the more Cady delves into the case, the more pieces of a strange puzzle emerge—about Forrester, Dylan, and Cady’s own inescapable demons.

Now Cady must work fast to untangle the truth from the lies. As she gets closer to the truth, someone is determined to stop her at all costs. And the consequences of putting the past to rest could prove deadly.

Down the Darkest Road - A Cady Maddix Mystery by Kylie Brant

Cold Dark Places - Available Now

Cold Dark Places - Book One of the Cady Maddix Mysteries by Kylie Brant

Cady Maddix survived a brutal upbringing—emotionally scarred but hardened—with a will for self-preservation. Hunting fugitives has given her life purpose and control. But when she returns home, a new case stirs old memories.

Child killer Samuel Aldeen has broken out of a nearby facility for the criminally insane. Enlisted to track him down, Cady follows an unexpected lead. Her name is Eryn Pullman, a young woman recently released from a neighboring psychiatric facility - Aldeen’s next designated victim.

To save Eryn’s life, Cady must work fast to uncover the unimaginable link between predator and prey—even as it pulls her into the cold dark places of her own past.

Dark and compelling suspense. Anne Frasier

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      Whew, this one took a while, but book two in the Deputy US Marshal Cady Maddix series is up and ready for pre-orders. Some books are a dream to write, some are sheer hell. I can still feel the singe of the flames, LOL, but because I'm blindly optimistic,...