Into The Darkness

A deputy US Marshal battles a vengeful killer, domestic extremists, and her own dark demons in the breathtaking new installment of the Cady Maddix Mysteries.

Deputy US Marshal Cady Maddix assists an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force by going undercover to infiltrate a group of domestic terrorists. Impersonating a fugitive she recently arrested, Cady attends a large multi-day gathering on an isolated private property in Georgia\'s Chattahoochee-Oconoee National Forest. Her target is Thad Coulson, the charismatic leader of a violent organization with plans of expansion that threaten the country.

Her assignment is two-fold--earn Coulson\'s trust and secure as much information about the participants as possible. She succeeds on both counts but soon discovers that someone tracked her home and may have seen through her pretense.

While Cady engages in a dangerous game of deception, another more immediate threat draws closer. A killer intent on revenge has materialized from the shadows of her past and won\'t be satisfied until he exacts a gruesome retribution.

Into The Darkness by Kylie Brant

A Darker Truth

A Darker Truth - A Cady Maddix Mystery by Kylie Brant
A radicalized killer, a mute victim and a deputy US Marshal haunted by her dark past collide in the shattering third installment to the Cady Maddix series.

An arrest warrant goes horribly wrong when Deputy US Marshal Cady Maddix is captured and held captive by a mentally unstable man. She manages to escape, but not before she’s beaten and tattooed with a violent scene from her captor’s dark and damaged mind: a burning church and screaming children.

Three weeks later, she’s back on the job and assigned a warrant for Frank Burgess, The Cremator. A corpse and human cremains have been found on the radical zealot’s property, and clues are in short supply. But Cady soon meets a survivor of the killer, a mute young woman who points them to a burnt-out rural church the man attended. Cady is shocked to discover the church is a duplicate of the one she bears on her back.

Cady is determined to find the connection between former church members who’ve died bizarre deaths in recent years. But there’s a killer who will stop at nothing to complete his deadly list, even if it means adding Cady as his next victim.

Dark and compelling suspense. Anne Frasier

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