Life Interruptus

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My life is full of good intentions. A weekly blog was among them. I missed here and there when I was in deep in deadline hell. But then came another sort of hell, which has caused weeks of absence.

My (almost) 94-year-old dad was in the hospital for thirteen days. He’s normally in very good health, and what took us to the ER at 2 AM should have been a quick fix. But it wasn’t. One thing led to another and within 36 hours he was in Critical Care. What followed was an hourly roller coaster with glimmers of hope followed by the depths of despair. Three times the doctors talked to us about end of life decisions. And then…

…he fooled them all. Day by day, he got a little better. I think even the doctors were shocked by his strength. Thirteen days later, he was released from the hospital to rehab for occupational and physical therapy.  He’ll be there two to three weeks, and there will be tough decisions to be made when he’s released. But he’s still with us, and my gratitude knows no bounds.

Although we all steeled ourselves for the worst kind of loss, we ended up with a reprieve. Sometimes we need to be reminded that life’s a gift. I don’t know how much longer we’ll have my dad, but I do know I won’t take a single day with him for granted.


In other news, COLD DARK PLACES has a new release date! It’ll be out 12/4/18. They’re working on covers now. Can’t wait to see it!

PRETTY GIRLS DANCING is going to Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It’ll be fun to see the covers they come up with!

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