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41vlmJ5KDDL      Whew, this one took a while, but book two in the Deputy US Marshal Cady Maddix series is up and ready for pre-orders. Some books are a dream to write, some are sheer hell. I can still feel the singe of the flames, LOL, but because I’m blindly optimistic, I expect book 3 to be different!

Deputy US Marshal Cady Maddix must contend with an obsessive killer, a witness with secrets, and her own dark demons in this gripping thriller from the bestselling author of Cold Dark Places.

Dylan Castle was only a child when he and his friend stumbled onto an isolated crime scene in the woods. His friend was killed that night. And Bruce Forrester, the man who’d terrorized them, was still on the loose. But he’s never stopped looking for the one surviving witness.

Deputy US Marshal Cady Maddix knows what it’s like to be haunted by a traumatizing childhood. She’s determined to track Forrester down and give Dylan the piece of mind he deserves. Only the more Cady delves into the case, the more pieces of a strange puzzle emerge–about Forrester, Dylan, and Cady’s own inescapable demons.

As Cady grows closer to separating the truth from the lies, someone is determined to stop her at all costs. And the consequences of putting the past to rest could prove deadly.

I should have more news to share next month, (fingers crossed) and you’ll read about it here, first! Just a heads up, Cold Dark Places is currently on sale for .99!


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