The Mindhunters Series

I just want to take the opportunity to let you all know of a possible glitch if you’re looking for digital copies of The Mindhunters, books 2-6. I just discovered that my former publisher is allowing the rights of those books to revert to me. Naturally, I’m thrilled about that. It means I will be reformatting and getting new covers for Waking Evil, Waking the Dead, Deadly Intent, Deadly Dreams and Deadly Sins. But it also means there’s going to be a short period when those books aren’t available in digital form. I just wanted to let everyone know they are coming! I hope to have them all up and ready for sale by the end of February. And check back on this page and Facebook for sneak peeks at the new and improved covers! You can see them here first!

A note about the reversion process: when an author signs a publishing contract, it contains language specifying when the book is officially ‘out of print.’ It might be a date or perhaps a certain sales threshold. When the that happens, the author can submit a request to have the books reverted. So far I’ve gotten about twelve from Harlequin (and no, I don’t have them all up yet!) and now an extra five from Berkley.

I’m excited to get started on the new cover process, and especially excited to introduce the books to new readers.

I’m often asked–will there be more Mindhunters? Most definitely. It’d be hard to say goodbye to the series at this point. But I do have two new series coming out, because I don’t have a specific plot in mind for a new Mindhunters at this point. I have to take a break from series sometimes in order to return with a fresh idea. You’ll be the first to hear when there will be another novel from Adam Raiker’s crew!

6 thoughts on “The Mindhunters Series”

  1. WillaWilla

    Such a great series!

  2. Anita JordanAnita Jordan

    Which book is Adams story in?

    • Kylie BrantKylie Brant

      Hi Anita! Adam’s story is Deadly Sins, the sixth book in the series.

  3. TerryTerry

    Three different sources showed me a different order or different names for the mindhunter series so I am confused could you really list what they are and how many there are Would love to read this series just finished a trilogy the evil series loved it

    • Kylie BrantKylie Brant

      Hi Terry–thank you for the kind words! There are nine books in the series. In order, they are: Waking Nightmare, Waking Evil, Waking the Dead, Deadly Intent, Deadly Dreams, Deadly Sins, Secrets of the Dead, What the Dead Know, and Deep as the Dead. In addition, 11 is loosely connected to the Mindhunters series. All is in a bit of flux because the only ones available at this moment are Waking Nightmare (Kindle only; publisher still controls those rights), Secrets of the Dead, What the Dead Know, and Deep as the Dead (and 11). I got the rights back on the rest of them and they are being reformatted and then will become available again. Waking Evil will be available sometime in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be announcing the releases as they come out on this page. Have a great day!

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