The Art of Covers

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The Circle of Evil books were sold to China last year, and they’ve been released. Or will soon be soon. The exact information is always dicey when you’re dealing with foreign agents. When I heard that the books were going to China, I couldn’t help but wonder how interested Chinese readers will be in a trio of serial killers terrorizing central Iowa 🙂

But it’s interesting to see the vision for the books in other countries. Marketing is different from one country to the next, and so is reader expectation. That often leads to covers that are…bemusing, to say the least!

20180304_210348   20180304_210338


I’m not quite sure how the covers denote the plot, but it’s interesting to a foreign take on some of my babies. PRETTY GIRLS DANCING has recently been sold to Italy. Can’t wait to see what they do with the book!

2 thoughts on “The Art of Covers”

  1. Johnnie BJohnnie B

    Great to see them in other countries – Kylie B

  2. WillaWilla

    The covers are striking in their way – but don’t scream murder, mayhem and a dash of romance! Perhaps there is some secret code ergo surf and sea means death! ?

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