Guarding Raine

Guarding Raine

Macauley O'Neill had been hired to protect Raine Michaels, not to seduce her. No one knew better than he did what happened when a man let his guard down; the consequences could be deadly. But Raine filled him with desire--and something else. An emotion he couldn't--wouldn't--name....

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A reluctant bodyguard…

Security expert Macauley O’Neill had set aside a much needed vacation to protect Raine Michaels. He’s the right man to keep her safe from the danger stalking her. But he’s not the right man to give her anything else. No one knows better than he what happens when he lets his guard down. The consequences can be deadly. But she presents an irresistible temptation…

Raine had long ago grown weary of hiding from danger. Macauley makes her feel alive again…and safe for the first time in years. She recognizes the demons haunting him and longs to be the one to banish them for good. But will giving into passion plunge them both into even more danger?

(February 1996)
Winner of the Write Touch Reader’s Award 

Series: Security Ops, Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Cedar River Press
Publication Year: January 1996
ISBN: 0373076932
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