Pretty Girls Dancing releases!

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Happy New Year! Today is the release date for Pretty Girls Dancing. I know, you’ve heard that before! But last month’s release was part of Amazon’s First Reads program. Only members of Prime or Kindle Unlimited were able to get copies of it. If you missed yours, it is available today! Pre-orders are also released today. I’m excited to report that Pretty Girls Dancing hit #1 on Amazon in December! I’m thankful to the readers for sending this story to the top of the charts!

Check out this cool trailer Amazon did for the book:

Here are a few samples from the five hundred plus reviews the book has garnered so far:

…This book rises to true brilliance…

…Loved every minute of this chilling book….

…From the very first chapter you are hooked on this book….

…great psychological thriller…

…Excellent writing, compelling storyline and an emotional ride….

I hope you’ll check it out! My plans for 2018 (after ringing in the New Year in style) includes writing, writing and more writing!

4 thoughts on “Pretty Girls Dancing releases!”

  1. StormiStormi

    Couldn’t put it down stayed up way too late on my days off reading this page turner…should be made into a movie!

  2. Kylie BrantKylie Brant

    Thanks, Stormi! So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Barbara CameronBarbara Cameron

    I’m looking forward to a blood splatter expert who’s an ex nun.!

  4. Kylie BrantKylie Brant

    Thanks, Barbara. That book is half done, but with a looming deadline it has to wait a while longer!

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