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11        And who doesn’t like a good deal, right? Starting today, 11 will be on sale for .99. Yep. That’s less than a coffee. Less than a Diet Coke. Less than…just about anything I can think of!

Eleven. For three long years, that’s what she was called by The Collector, the sexual sadist who enslaved her. 

Mia Deleon fought the odds and escaped only to discover that no one would believe her about the ordeal she’d endured. Not the police. Not her family or friends. Even the investigators she hired couldn’t find a trace of the sexual predator. So with help, she disappeared, always looking over her shoulder, living in the shadows. Knowing she’d never be safe while he was still free.

Security expert Jude Bishop had helped her vanish. Now he’s been hired to bring Mia back. A criminal profiler may have found a link to her case. But Jude is nearly too late because The Collector has already found Mia, too. And their race to trail the sexual sadist turned killer brings Mia ever closer to the man obsessed with her.

Because she became his prized possession the moment she’d evaded him. And he’ll stop at nothing to see his collection finally complete….

Mia Deleon has always been one of my favorite characters. She’s damaged, but a survivor. And writing her evolution from closed-off and guarded victim to a woman able to trust again was one of my most emotional writing experiences.

In the ‘did you know’ category: I was still writing the book and hadn’t yet decided how the black moment was going to occur until I found this image for the cover. I wrote the scene to match the picture!

Get your digital copy! It’s only on sale for a couple of weeks!


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