Cold Dark Places

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I’m deep into a new book, which is due in March and releases Jan. 2019. It’s the start of a new series, starring U.S. Marshal Cady Maddix and it takes place in the Asheville, NC area. Right now I’m still learning the characters; who are they? What experiences have shaped them? What secrets do they hide? Who can they trust? The first part of the book always takes me the longest, because it can’t be rushed. The characters emerge in their own time. Trying to force the process could send the novel in an unintended direction.

I love when I learn something about the characters that I didn’t know when I started. It’s a thrill when they start talking to me, and I’m no longer the one telling the story. They are. But to get to that point, I have to bide my time and allow my characters to reveal themselves, one layer at a time.

There’s a psychological aspect to this book. Erynn, one of the characters, has been in and out of mental facilities since the age of nine. She’s the character that intrigues me the most. She’s the ultimate unreliable narrator; because of her diagnosis, she can’t even trust her own memories. So how can she help Cady’s investigation? That question is sure to cause me some long brainstorming periods later in the book. But for now, I’m still fascinated with her and the other characters.  I’m still waiting to hear the story each will tell me.

While we’re far from developing cover concepts, my website designer came up with the picture cover holder for my site. I love it. I hope the eventual cover captures this tone.

Stay tuned…I have BIG BIG news to reveal next week!cold_dark_places-1

2 thoughts on “Cold Dark Places”

  1. WillaWilla

    OK – first question ? is Cady male or female? This an unusual name!

    2nd – is this going to be romantic suspense?

    3rd – can’t wait til next week, tell me now! ?

    November 27, 2017

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