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Book 9 of The Mindhunters is out! Not sure what possessed me to set a book in another country, but needless to say, the acknowledgements run a couple pages. Took a lot of help to bring this one in. And by help, I mean people to answer my endless questions 🙂 Here’s the back cover blurb:

They call him The Tailor. He leaves his victims near rivers or lakes with their mouths sewn shut and an exotic blue dragonfly placed inside. After a three year hiatus he’s back, more violent than ever. And with three bodies discovered in just two weeks, it’s clear that he’s escalating.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Ethan Manning is short on leads. What he needs is a proper task force and more resources. What he gets is Dr. Alexa Hayden, a forensic consultant from the States. A woman he hasn’t seen in twenty years, one with whom he shares a history. He still bears the scars.

Returning to Nova Scotia is harder than Alexa expected, and working alongside Ethan threatens to reopen old wounds. But she’ll allow nothing to shake her focus. Until she finds herself the killer’s newest obsession. Now she and Ethan will have to confront their past in order to predict the man’s next move. The Tailor will leave no sin unpunished, and his unholy crusade has marked Alexa for death.

People often ask what I do when I finish a book. Truth is, I have to take a couple days to handle all those chores that I’ve set aside while I was under deadline. And then I dive back into writing; in this case that means back to work on Cold Dark Places, which will be out Jan. 2019. I have to mix things up, or else I get bored.

Let me know if you’ve snagged a copy. Or if you’ve read it! One reader sat up all night and read it the at midnight last night. Wow, that’s dedication 🙂

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